H-D Insurance

H.O.G.® membership gives you access to the motorcycle protection experts of Harley-Davidson Insurance. Your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle is unique among bikes, and it requires careful attention regarding insurance. Harley-Davidson Insurance specializes in protecting your riding experience and is prepared to locate the coverage that best suits your needs at an affordable price.

When you call, you'll be talking to a Harley-Davidson Insurance Coverage Expert who, more often than not, has a Harley® they're nuts about too - and who will be covering issues the average insurance company might not think to ask, including all the discounts you may qualify for. After exploring all the pertinent details of your Harley-Davidson motorcycle ownership, your Coverage Expert will objectively help you determine the correct coverage for you.

If you need coverage right away, they can secure your insurance for you while you're still on the phone. Or, you can simply have them check your current insurance just to make sure it meets your special needs. There's no charge for the advice and no obligation on your part to even buy the insurance. It's just one more important benefit of your Harley-Davidson motorcycle ownership.

Call: +44 (0)870 2411 674.

Please note that due to varying legislation, Harley-Davidson Insurance may not be available in all markets.

Motorcycle Shipping

It's not the destination, it's the journey. But sometimes the destination is far enough away to make the journey too much to handle. Or there's just not enough time to ride there, ride while you're there, and ride home.

That's when it makes sense for you and your ride to travel separately. And that's made easier for you if you're a H.O.G.® member.

You can now ride your favorite Harley-Davidson® motorcycle in overseas rallies and distant locales by arranging the transportation of your motorcycle through the H.O.G.® Overseas Motorcycle Shipping Service.

We offer a range of transportation systems that have been designed exclusively for shipping Harley-Davidson® motorcycles. We will arrange one-way or roundtrip transportation of your motorcycle, riding gear, and luggage to your final destination, taking care of all customs regulations and procedures.

Members, for complete Motorcycle Shipping details enter the Members Only site.

Roadside Assistance

If you are concerned about being left stranded while riding your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle, following a incident, then Hog Assistance® may be just what you need.

Hog Assistance® is a roadside rescue and recovery facility, providing you with a 24-hours-a-day / 365-days-a-year back up. Hog Assistance® can respond in the cases of breakdown, accident, tyre puncture, lack of fuel and even loss of keys. In these cases, H.O.G.® Assistance will arrange for your rescue as quickly as they possibly can.

Your motorcycle can be recovered and then taken to the nearest official Harley-Davidson® dealer for repairs to be carried out. In cases of lack of fuel, a simple roadside 'fill up' can be arranged. (Charges apply for fuel costs).

If the dealer is not open for business, the motorcycle can be taken into secure storage and then delivered to the dealer on the next working day. Where appropriate, overnight hotel accommodation can be arranged and settled by H.O.G.® Assistance, or alternate transport to your destination, dependent on your circumstances. Rescues and accommodation apply to rider and pillion.

Transport costs are met, in respect of the journey back to the dealer to collect the vehicle once repairs have been made.

Please note that H.O.G.® Assistance does not pay for the cost of repairs to your motorcycle. Hog Assistance does not restrict either the number or duration of trips on foreign tours, and there is no vehicle age restriction applicable.

The service is given free for one year to all purchasers of a brand new Harley-Davidson® motorcycle. H.O.G.® Assistance is available to purchase for a 12-month period, and is available exclusively to H.O.G.® Members. For more information please contact H.O.G.® Member Services Centre or your dealer.

H.O.G.® Assistance RIDEPACK

H.O.G.® Assistance RIDEPACK provides you with all the benefits of H.O.G.® Assistance, but gives you an extra option. If your motorcycle cannot be repaired within 24 hours when travelling outside your country of residence, or by the end of the same working day if you are in your own country, then you can elect to have the motorcycle transported to your own 'home' dealer near to your residence, for repairs. Rider and pillion rescue to home are included too. This option is available at a higher cost. Please enquire for details.
Please note: H.O.G.® Assistance does not cover the cost of parts and labour for repairs to your motorcycle.

Please note:
• H.O.G.® Assistance contracts are nontransferable and non-refundable.
• H.O.G.® Assistance is not available in the Middle East and some Eastern European countries.

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