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Wed, 27 Sep 2017

Dyno & Performance Week - 16th to 21st October

How much Torque or BHP does your Harley have? Ride down to Robin Hood and get your bike on our very own Dyno machine to find out. You’ll get a data print out to compare with your mates and also see how efficient your pride and joy is.

The Dyno tests are on special promotion for just £25 per motorcycle, all makes and models are welcome, not just Harley-Davidson.

One big question… are you in the 100bhp club? If not we can help, how about a voucher for 10% off all tuning work carried out this winter.

You can chat to our Harley-Davidson Technicians about what tuning packages would best suit your motorcycle, what to avoid and how you can get the best from your machine.

Our Dyno machine is normally reserved for diagnostic, service and tuning work, so it’s a great chance to give it a blast just to get to know and understand your bike better.

Call Rob Marsden on 0115 903 3777 for more information and to book in, the event runs from Monday 16th to Saturday 21st October.

Get ready to rev that bike!